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We turn heroes into superheroes

U-Hero launches tech-enabled defensive initiatives that increase the effectiveness of our soldiers

on the battlefield.


RPG laser shooting ranges

This project allows soldiers to perfect their RPG handling skills before joining the battlefield. That wasn't possible earlier with costly real-life projectiles.


Delivering thermal imagers to the frontline

We augment the eyes of our defenders with thermal imaging skills.


Delivering walkie talkies to the frontline

We improve communication on the battlefield with high-quality devices.


The value of equipment that we delivered to Ukraine defenders so far.

Companies that trusted us

Bringing commercial efficiency

Our team consists of executives from international companies and entrepreneurs.

We support innovative defense projects (including AFU/TrD) with the speed of commercial organization.

Due to our commercial experience, we always search for options where we can get the biggest output with the smallest input.

Speed up the liberation of our cities 

Give superpowers to our defenders