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We answer three popular questions about drones...

We answer three popular questions about drones that we buy for territorial defenders and the Armed Forces 🇺🇦

❓At what altitude do drones fly? Can drones "hang" in the air?

From half a meter to several kilometers, depending on the model. Also, the flight distance can reach 10-15 km. Not all drones can hang, but the ones we buy for the Armed Forces have this function.

❓Is it realistic for civilians to distinguish a drone from a star at night?

Yes, they can be distinguished. Typically, drones have something similar to planes - green and red light flashing lights. But at an altitude of even 500 meters, it is very difficult to see them.

❓ What is the price of drones needed by our defense

The cost of drones that we buy for the military ranges from 8,000 euros to 32,000 euros. These are industrial-class drones, and they have better characteristics than "domestic relatives", in particular, they have a thermal imaging camera, which has a high cost. But a pretty good set of household level with a simpler camera without a thermal imager can cost from 2 thousand euros.

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