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Make the training of our defenders more effective and safe

...through interactive laser shooting ranges


Why do we need this?

Territorial Defense Forces have to train a big number of soldiers. The more time a given soldier spends with a weapon - the more effective he becomes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems with the classic military training approach: 

  • Russia is bombarding military shooting ranges and shooting fields, so the training process becomes dangerous. 

  • Due to the costs and the war time, the volume of munition is significantly limited. This is particularly applicable to rocket launchers.

  • Due to war, the number of TDF soldiers rapidly increased. Training infrastructure was not able to follow the needs.

How does it work?

Interactive shooting ranges are a place where soldiers can train weapon handling skills. Frequently updated software allows the simulation of various weather conditions and battlefield scenarios. Additionally, our defenders can practice teamwork and collaboration.

These are not toys - these interactive shooting ranges are officially used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

U-Hero запускає імерсивні мультимедійні платформи разом з компанією Strata22, яка довгий час разробляла цей продукт для задач військових.


Significant cost savings

An interactive laser shooting range doesn't require us to spend thousands of dollars on projectiles. It also saves costs on the maintenance of targets, as well as the transportation of soldiers.


The setup allows us to have realistic and relevant weapon models, immersive sound support, and a big variety of locations.

Safety and portability

The absence of real projectiles makes the laser shooting range 100% safe. To set up a laser shooting range we don't need a dedicated space. A 4x6 meter area would be enough.

Speed up the liberation of our cities

Join us in making the training process more efficient, effective, and safe. Let's make the victory closer together.

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